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Stripe is a unique and cutting edge merchant system for online and mobile pay. With Stripe you get access to your funds immediately! That means you spend less time watching the clock and more time counting your cash. Stripe is designed to allow you to start receiving payments in just 10 minutes! Thats a stark contrast from older payment systems that demand costly and time consuming integration. 


One critical advantage to using Stripe is you have the ability to process refunds independently. We understand it can be frustrating when you have a refund pending approval from your merchant account provider. Waiting for third party approval in a refund situation is bad news - so we eliminated the whole idea. Manage your own event ticketing refunds with Regtix and Stripe!

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We  Stripe

Online and mobile pay designed to make you happy! 

Get your funds immediately

Don't wait one second longer than you need to

One Click Integration

We can get a Stripe merchant account up and running in minutes

Process your own refunds

Never get caught off-guard by pending refunds again!